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Course Descriptions

I. Recruiting:

College recruiting has ultimately evolved to such an extent in the 21st century that it is imperative that our student athletes are effectively educated in the intricate components of the process. Whether it is understanding of the recruiting calendar, with its various contact & dead periods, to ultimately creating social media profiles that are conducive to being recruited, students will be thoroughly educated in the art & science of recruiting.

Through our detailed mentorship program, complete with proven effective strategies from college recruiting experts, current & former college coaches, and former college athletes, the nuances associated with the art & science of college recruiting can be taught to and mastered by our student body.

II. Financial Literacy

It is imperative for our youth to understand the details and complexities associated with personal finances. Beginning with the basic concepts of deciphering assets vs. liabilities, our students will be thoroughly educated in financial literacy in a manner that will ultimately contribute to their understanding of how money works as well as how it can work for them with investments and other financial vehicles. These essential life skills will ultimately contribute to an individual who will be better prepared for life after school & sports.


III. Public Speaking

Every student will in some fashion employ public speaking in their lives in some capacity. The ability to clearly communicate one’s thoughts and feelings, whether in a large group setting or in a job interview, is a fundamental skill that must be mastered. Future students will become proficient in the art of public speaking through various methods and strategies such as mock job & media interviews, as well as with coaching from various experts in the field of communication.


IV. 21st Century Business Project

Future Academy students will engage in a year-long individual project associated with creating a business that is relevant in the 21st Century. These fictitious businesses will be centered around concepts such as information-age technology and the interconnected world economy. Whether it is the creation of an App or a service industry enterprise, student business projects which will tap into a child’s critical thinking skills and help facilitate creativity and imagination within the context of real world applicable topics.

Students will be provided with the necessary resources and support as well as exposure to the business world through both applicable field trips and expert speakers from the entrepreneurial, banking & business world. Projects will be assessed at both the midterm (December) and at the conclusion of the school year.



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