At The Future Elite Academy, we pride ourselves on the ability to develop athletes for a vast variety of sports. Ice Hockey is a rising powerhouse sport in Southern California, and our aim is to provide the best training possible. It is our mission to not only develop superstars on the ice, but off of it as well. We are bringing a more advanced and individualized approach to the game that you will not be able to get anywhere else. This sport is tough, and so are the parents and kids that play it. We will be able to provide your child with the best strength and conditioning as well as speed and performance training that will ultimately translate to exceptional play on the ice. We understand that the Connor McDavid’s were not created overnight. It took years of hard work, persistence and a dedication to the craft. These are habits that are ultimately created here at The Future Elite, and will ingrained in your child until their playing days are over and their jerseys are forever immortalized in the rafters.


Working with our Director of Performance, we will first conduct a biomechanical evaluation on each student to identify the deficiencies and problem areas that need correction. We will then construct a personalized action and development plan with each family, that will give them a compartmentalized and detailed description of what exactly needs to be improved over the course of the school year with respect to strength, conditioning and speed. The comprehensive training program will encompass both off-ice and on-ice development. The off-ice training component, scheduled for three days a week, will translate specifically to fostering exceptional skills on the ice. Building a strong core and foundation is the most important part of being a successful athlete in any sport. Because of the intensity of our program and ambitious individual development plans set, we also need the help of the parents to make sure that the students are doing some extra stretching and exercises at home to create the most effective and efficient player possible. Here are a few of the major points that will be addressed in the training that we feel are the most conducive to the success of the player: Mobility, Flexibility, Endurance, Injury Prevention, Recovery and Unilateral and Bi-lateral Movement.


It is our goal to provide the best and most effective experience possible when training for Ice Hockey. You can do all of the training off the ice that you want, but you need that vital time on the ice to craft game and sport-specific skills. For that reason, we have decided to partner with the Iceoplex in Simi Valley, CA. Two days a week, students will be taken by a sprinter van from the school to practice for 2 hours on the ice each day with our hockey director/coach. This is by no means a team that we have created, but just an opportunity to get that specialized ice time that you can take to your AA or AAA team and apply what you have learned. We will be a dedicated partner with your club and travel teams, and will not be a burden or disrespect the teachings and instruction of any other coaches that are working with their teams. This ice time will work on the many intricacies in hockey, that will allow the player to gain confidence in areas they were weak in before.


Video sessions, a common tool to monitor sports performance are utilized frequency as part of our developmental program. Film from training sessions will be broken down and assessed. Weekly film sessions will dissect performance with critiques, encouragement and praise to instill mental and physical improvement. 

Too often, coaches direct orders and plays with no supplementary or background information. Utilizing mental proficiency in hockey, where decisions are often made in a split second, is pivotal. We aim to break away from traditional models of athletes unable to understand “why” and instill a method of “explaining why.” This approach instills confidence and translates into improved game play.

Utilizing a descriptive breakdown from filmed performance will truly create better and smarter athletes. At The Future Elite Academy, we believe that sports are oftentimes 90% mental and 10% physical. Truly understanding the game of hockey is something we guarantee to our students. All of this foundational training, overseen by our hockey coach/director with Level 5 credentials – the highest level of certification awarded by USA Hockey, creates a learning and training environment where the sky is the limit and The Future is as bright as ever.

who is the director of hockey?

Our director of Hockey is Justin Blaszak, head of player development at the California Bears Hockey Club. Justin has played and coached professionally and has 20+ years of experience under his belt. He is a part of the NHL coaches association and provides excellent and innovative insights into the game of hockey.

how will my child get to and from the ice rink?

We will provide a sprinter van to escort athletes to and from the rink 2 days a week. For some, we recognize it may be more convenient for you to pick your child up directly from the rink and that can be accommodated.


Yes, you will be able to watch ice practice at the Iceoplex as well as general athletic training at our state-of-the-art training facility.


No, we do not and that is intentional for our launch. We want to be strategic development partners for a variety of clubs so we do not have a dedicated hockey team. Your child is encouraged to join any teams/clubs of their/your choosing to engage in their sport and will not be treated differently no matter the team he/she is on.

Will gear be provided?

No, gear will not be provided to athletes. Parents/guardians will be responsible for providing athletes with necessary gear, sticks, and related apparel.



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