We’re here to answer all your questions and  welcome all inquiries. Here are our most commonly asked questions to get you the answers you need to know now.

Tell me about your academic program

  • Our job is to prepare students to be scholar-athletes in high school and college. This means a rigorous academic schedule aligned to California Common Core state standards, using curricula approved by the California Department of Education.
  • Our educational program is designed to meet students at their level, with a small class size to allow our teachers to offer students more personalized instruction. We also strategically utilize technology in our classrooms to provide students with a more individualized learning experience and the ability for parents to easily follow their child’s progress.

Since the curriculum is SAT-aligned, is my child just going to be doing test prep?

No. This is a core curriculum, not a test prep curriculum. In ELA students will engage with a variety of texts.  These cover a range of topics and genres, including works by Ray Bradbury and Walt Whitman,  as well as an essay about Civil War heroes, narratives about the Holocaust, and Elie Wiesel’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech. In math, they will be learning conceptually: they will be able to explain underlying mathematical concepts and apply it to a variety of situations, rather than just rote memorization. The alignment to the SAT comes with the complexity of the texts they will read in ELA, and types of questions they will be expected to answer in both subjects. This will be reinforced both on daily lessons and periodic unit assessments.

What is the curriculum?

  • For English Language Arts (ELA) and Math, we will be using a curriculum called SpringBoard. This curriculum has been developed by the College Board, the company that also runs the SAT. We’ve chosen this curriculum because not only is it aligned with the college and career readiness standards used in all California K-12 public schools, but it also guarantees that the texts, questions, and problem sets students will be completing can be seamlessly aligned with actual SAT test questions.
  • For Social studies and Science, we are using curricula developed by the Teacher Curriculum Institute: History Alive! and Bringing Science Alive! This curriculum combines textbooks to provide background knowledge with a variety of hands on activities and simulations that allow them apply their knowledge gained from reading.

How much testing happens at the school?

  • All students will take an initial assessment in Math and ELA to determine academic strengths and areas of growth. Our curriculum is organized into units, with some form of cumulative assessment capping off each one. We know the dangers of over-testing, and have chosen our curriculum carefully to make sure assessments will vary depending on the subject and unit being taught. Our assessments will not just take the form of a multiple-choice test. There will also be essays, lab reports, and projects.

What is the grading policy at FEA?

  • Students are graded on a 4.0, A-F scale. Individual grades are made up from a combination of daily class work, quiz and unit assessments, homework, and participation.

How will parents stay informed about day-to-day activities at the school?

  • We will send periodic written and email correspondence to inform parents of upcoming events. We also plan on having an active Facebook and Instagram presence. School event information will also be available on the school’s website.

Have you hired teachers?

  • Yes, we have hired credentialed teachers with the necessary completed teacher education course whom have teaching experience.

  • The number of students that enroll will determine exactly how we staff. 

  • Our team includes two experienced administrators that are developing the Academic Program, Curriculum, and hiring plan.

My kid has an IEP. How will you serve my student?

  • As a small private school, we do not have a dedicated staff for Special Education and do not have the same legal obligations as a public school to serve special education students. That said, we do have a number of built-in supports that we believe will help your student progress. All students will be assessed at the beginning of the school year to determine their academic strengths and areas of growth. Because of our model of small class sizes, teachers will be able to use that data to tailor instruction daily to help ensure the proper supports are in place so that your student can access the daily lessons. Our core curricula will be supplemented with online resources so that teachers can meet students where they are to help fill in skill gaps. Assessments will be given regularly to track student learning and revise a student’s learning plan.

How are parents made aware of their children’s progress?

  • Both our core and digital curriculum have frequent opportunities for teachers to gather data on how students are progressing. Teachers will communicate both through bi-weekly reports and at regularly scheduled parent-teacher conferences. Additionally, a parent can request an individual update at any time. We are also working on securing a student information system that will allow parents to log in and see the data for themselves whenever they want.

Can I visit during the school day?

  • TFEA has an open door policy for parents. We have an observation deck overlooking our indoor turf field. You’re also welcome to observe classes to see for yourself how the school is operating.

Annual calendar

  • We will be following the same schedule as middle schools in the area. Our winter and spring breaks will align with area schools. Given the COVID-19 outbreak, the first day of school is subject to change.

What types of teachers are you looking to hire?

  • Our search is focused on certified teachers who have a demonstrated record of producing academic success with their students. We’re interested in teachers that recognize the value of athletics in a child’s life and embrace the mission of the school.


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