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Every experience The Future Elite Academy gives you is specially curated by the staff behind the scenes. From your first step into our facility, from the atmosphere you feel, the swag you wear, the pictures and videos you see online and your last step out the door. We take pride in our brand and culture that we’ve created just for you.

Brett Harrison


Brett is a 30 year entrepreneurial veteran, who started his career at Foot Locker in Oregon. Brett quickly became one of the youngest managers in corporate history and went on to run 3 separate Foot Locker stores.

In the late 90’s Brett took advantage of an opportunity to move to China and learn the business of accessory and apparel manufacturing. He came back to the U.S. as a sales rep. producing backpacks and luggage for major brands such as Jansport, Adidas, Nike and Kenneth Cole. Noting that major brands were opening their own factories and offices in the Orient, Brett decided it was time to shift gears and take factory relationships direct to retailers such as Target, Wal-mart and Nordstrom.

In 2002 Brett launched his own brand of backpacks and luggage, FUL. The brand grew immediately with incredible marketing and brand strategy, and strategic involvement of the largest action sports figures in the world. Brett Sold FUL in 2008 to a well know celebrity and the company still thrives today. Heavily involved in the sports of his kids and their teams, Brett coached for 19 years and won numerous championships in baseball, soccer and football.

branden anderson


Branden was born and raised in the Conejo Valley. He graduated from Thousand Oaks High School where he finished 10 years of playing football and then began coaching. His new found love for coaching has led to working with both youth and high school football teams. At 18, Branden began coaching as defensive coordinator and shortly after coached as an offense coordinator giving him the ability to lead both sides of the ball. He is still coaching at Thousand Oaks as well as the upcoming The Future Elite Academy 7X7 team. Branden exemplifies amazing levels of patience and isn’t afraid to step up to the plate when things need to get done. A team player, Branden aims to utilize his previous work experiences to help all clients at TFEA reach their goals. A new position, Assistant General Manager will give Branden the opportunity to combine his love of sports excellence, youth outreach and coaching into a fully integrated experience.

Nicole Nahabedian


Nicole grew up on the East Coast excelling in creatives a child. With a natural eye for design and aesthetics at a young age, she began taking courses at RISD and throughout her school years, went above and beyond on visual and written creative projects. She still strives to create and present the best possible version of anything she gets her hands on. Finding admiration for the art of branding, she graduated with a B.A. in Advertising and minor in Graphic Design– an outlet to execute all she imagined. Courses of interest included Consumer Behavior, Marketing, Mass Media and Society, Public Opinion and Propaganda, and more.

Dabbling in event production for a popular jewelry company in college, she then moved to California where she worked with a popular fashion P.R. agency– focusing on branding and event execution.

Continuing on with event production in nightlife and acquiring experience in wearing “many hats,” Nicole found herself in the sports world. She has quickly found passion in being the communicator of a company as passionate as the founders and creators of The Future Elite Academy. Lucky to be part of a geniune and unique business model, she looks forward to helping the brand grow stronger each day.



Sam was a two sport athlete growing up in both football and baseball. His passion for the sports and fitness industry led to his career in helping individuals start and continue developing their health and fitness. Prior to joining The Future Elite family, Sam was a fitness advisor where he managed teams dedicated to helping interested individuals pave their fitness path forward. He’s excited to introduce people to what TFEA is all about and set them up with the right tools to be successful on and off the field.



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