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Math in the real world is more than just memorizing an algorithm. Our math classes require students to master the concepts that make formulas and procedures work while building fluency in utilization. Underlying this all is the resiliency our teachers cultivate in students that allows them to persevere through complex problems and strategically apply the newly learned concepts across a broad range of problems types.

English Language Arts

The ability to comprehend, analyze, and respond to a wide variety of texts is one of the most important skills a student needs to be successful beyond school. Our English Language Arts offering pairs reading and writing instruction. By challenging students to dig deep with their analyses of a rich selection of literature and informational texts, they develop their own written voice as they respond to the personalities, ideas, and themes they discover.


The natural curiosity we all possess is our platform for developing a scientist in each of our students. Through hands-on experiments and experiences, our students are taught to read, write, and think about an extensive assortment of scientific disciplines and topics. In doing so, we teach them not only how things work, but also how they can utilize that knowledge to improve the world around them.

Social Studies

Understanding the history of our nation’s people, places, and institutions is a crucial step in building a well-informed citizenry capable of becoming tomorrow’s leaders. Our social studies classes expose students to a wide swath of primary and secondary sources as a foundation for making meaning of the societies and cultures around them and their place within them. In addition, students will reinforce their non-fiction writing skills as they develop their historical voices.



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